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“The City of Northampton’s departmental and operational leadership teams have enjoyed working closely with Rivermoor Energy to develop a comprehensive strategy for resiliency to storm-driven outages and other disturbances to the electrical grid. That strategy led to over $3.6 million in state funding to support the City’s most critical operations as well as our local hospital and emergency shelter.”

Mayor David Narkewicz, City of Northampton

City of Northampton - Resiliency

Rivermoor Energy worked closely with the City of Northampton’s departmental and operational leadership team to create a plan for a comprehensive community resiliency strategy.

From 2013 to 2014, Rivermoor Energy partnered with Northampton’s leadership team to develop the technical, operational and financial plan to provide resilient, clean power to the City’s most critical facilities, with the objective of enabling mission-critical services to continue to operate during storm-driven outages and other disturbances to the electrical grid. As a result of this successful strategy development process, Northampton became the model community for Massachusetts’ new Clean Energy and Resiliency Initiative.


  • The City of Northampton received over $3.6 million of state resiliency grants in 2014 as a result of Rivermoor Energy’s resiliency strategy development. The City will implement a microgrid and other resilient infrastructure for its mission-critical facilities.

Project Details

  • Northampton will implement a microgrid to serve its local hospital, emergency shelter and Department of Public Works headquarters. The microgrid will include solar energy, energy storage, back-up generators and CHP. The microgrid will be coordinated by an advanced energy management system.
  • The City’s Fire Headquarters, which provides fire services, logistics, EMT, communications and emergency operations to the City, will put in place a resilient power infrastructure which will integrate solar energy, energy storage, a back-up generator, and an energy management system.



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