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Rivermoor Energy enables utilities, government organizations, corporations and institutions to reduce operating costs, manage risk and achieve environmental objectives. By optimizing the financial plan and incorporating the right utility and governmental incentives, Rivermoor Energy is transforming overlooked physical assets into valuable tools that positively impact the bottom line.


Utilities have either voluntary or state regulated obligations for green power use in their overall "portfolios" of power procurement. Rivermoor Energy works with regional utilities, national utilities and independent power producers to deliver clean energy projects that meet renewable energy requirements.


Local, state and federal agencies are well suited for solar solutions that provide predictable operating costs, access to capital and maximize underutilized real estate. Rivermoor Energy has a successful track record working with government agencies and navigating complicated permitting and approval processes.


Corporations of all sizes are investigating green energy to reduce costs and to maximize resources. Rivermoor Energy works with both small and larger companies to evaluate their unused or non-developable land and rooftop assets. Our experience will help you to navigate the technology and incentives for your project and put solar energy to work for your business.


Most institutions of higher education, healthcare and the non-profit sector would like to control their ever-increasing energy costs. With our comprehensive approach, Rivermoor Energy has helped many institutions to develop a cost-effective solution for renewable energy which results in lower operating expenses.