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Solar Solutions

We know solar in New England. Since 2008, Rivermoor Energy has worked to deliver large scale solar solutions that maximize New England’s unique energy framework and regulatory environment. We bring strong relationships with regional and national utilities and a track record of success. By working with us, Rivermoor Energy can help you to:

Lower Your Utility Rates

Solar delivers significant savings versus current and future utility rates. Typical Rivermoor Energy clients save 10 to 15% annually on utility costs through a Power Purchase Agreement, often referred to as a PPA. In addition, Rivermoor Energy can structure an ownership solution for customers.

For an example of how we helped Bentley University with solar ownership, please see this article: "Sustainability Required in Actions, Not Just Words"

Manage Your Risk

Rivermoor Energy will customize the solar power purchase agreement process for your needs, allowing you to predict your future energy costs and reduce your exposure to volatile energy markets.

Reduce Operational Costs

Energy is a major cost category for most organizations. With our understanding of new financial and development incentives in New England, Rivermoor Energy will help you to systematically manage your utility costs and also reduce your consumption on a large scale.

Achieve Sustainability Objectives

Today’s corporations, government organizations and institutions have adopted sustainability goals. Rivermoor Energy is committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and your use of fossil fuels with a thoughtful approach that ensures maximum resource utilization and minimal environmental impact.