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Energy Storage

Rivermoor Energy provides an “energy storage as a service” solution that enables commercial, governmental and utility clients to receive the financial and operational benefits of energy storage without facing a capital investment. Instead, clients receive ongoing value from energy storage solutions with a simple service contract.

By working with Rivermoor Energy to plan and implement energy storage as a service, we can help you to:

Support Utility Initiatives

Load shifting, transmission congestion relief, renewable capacity firming, renewable energy intermittency management, transmission & distribution cost management, and other ancillary services.

Reduce Electrical Cost Structure for
Commercial and Industrial Companies

Lower customer’s utility demand charges by pairing energy storage with renewable generation technologies such as solar, wind, and hydro power. Better manage and lower utility “time of use” charges by shifting energy supply to peak periods.

Strengthen Electrical Infrastructure for
Governmental, Military and Utility Operations

Disaster recovery, redundancy, hardening of the electrical infrastructure. Microgrid solutions in which storage, natural gas microturbines,and renewable energy are used to support first responder and emergency facilities such as fire, police, E.M.T. and military bases.

Implement Distributed Energy Storage

Distributed energy storage can be used to provide a foundation for “smart grid” and microgrid programs. Energy storage will support distributed renewables, electric cars and web based systems for energy management for residential and small business customers, enabling customers to schedule and pay for the energy they need exactly when they want to use it.